Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Discussion with AAP members wnd and request to support TOG / TCP.

Dear nagaraj.

Great job. Quick response! Weldone. 
Thanks for your initiative. 

Because it was a phone conversation probably I have misconveyed few bits within the talk.

Let me correct them.

1. I am not exactly from london .but I live around 200 km from London in the same country UK.
2. Right to recall group membership is 17000.
3.i have not conveyed you that rtr group will support AAP. 
But I could tell you my personal opinion on this subject. 
my personal opinion is that  rtr  group may support aap if AAP fulfils these criterias. Don't take these as representing argument or unnecessary pride of rtr group members. But see how these steps will transfer the power to public and stop ALL CORRUPTION. 

 1.janlokpal bill should add *right to recall janlokpal apex member by citizens directly draft* as mentioned in

Or or ( either you can copy the same or prepare even better and display ) 
2.AAP should display, PROMOTE right to recall draft.

(This second point is for any political party which fan gain rtr group support. )
If you do above, I assure most of rtr members will be happy to support AAP. 

4. the phone number you mentioned is wrong. I do not like to display my phone number in public for security reasons.  But any of you., like to discuss or clarify just email me.  I will provide my phone number I. Private mail. 

Again , thanks for reading and analysing our draft. 

I have publicly displayed this message by cc emailing to

i request you to also cc your response and acknolwledgement to
So that your response is also publicly displayed automatically.  

vande matharam 

-------- Original message --------
From: Nagaraj Kalkutagar <>
To: siddharth sharma <>,AAP Karnataka <>,PRITHVI REDDY <>
Cc: Shiva Thippaiah <>,Vijay Sharma <>
Subject: Fwd:

Dear sir,

Here I have forwarded mail from Shiva Thippaiah  from London. he discussed  about right to recall and attached similar kind of law related facts.

we discussed that , they have 1700 thousands members across India and would like express support to AAP.

And also asked me aap also support with them in implementing rich kind of LAW.

Personally, I have gone through the document and certain facts could be included in right to Recall law.

Thank you

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shiva Thippaiah <>
Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 3:28 PM

dear  nagaraj 

the law we discussed on phone 

you tube videos of the law and explanation for you to grasp the core quickly

please see evidence of me distributing pamplets and request you to do the same. it takes only 1/2 hour per week.

vande matharam 

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