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Re: Request to candidates to make a public sms server BEFORE the elections so that the citizens can send via sms their opinions and get them displayed on the website along with their voter ID

I support kumara nidhis request. please consider

a bharatheey

On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 10:08 PM, kumari nidhi <> wrote:
Respected 2014 loksabha Candidates,


I would like to request you that for citizen-voters of your constituency to be able to give
their opinions via sms you keep a public mobile and link via a program your mobile and your
website and make a public sms server. A website is voluntarily maintained by a activist group
already called


1. Voters feel they are involved in all decision making . so they vote you.

2.Activists realize that election candidates cannot cheat after election, and join and promote
your campaign

3.RIGHT TO RECALL GROUP 27000 mermbers in India. most of them are aware and support
voluntarily to promote candidates who promote SMSTONETA.COM and may voluntarily work for you.

4. citizens become activists and promote in your election campaign

5. Bad elements cannot defame you via paid media if you are doing good work for the citizens
since citizens can support your good work with proof.

6. you will realise what your voters want, in real time and you can work as per thier
suggestion. So you will be popular forever.

7. collecting citizens opinion is cheap and verifiable.

8. To create and maintain such system for one year 1. it approximately costs 25,000 rupee
2.needs a clerk to maintain. (Maintenance requirement will depend on the traffic. Could be few
hours per week to few hours per day.)

if you open such a system, Then, the citizens can give their support or opposing opinions for
an issue via registered numerical code-SMS. And these SMS-es will be displayed on your website
along with the citizens` voter ID.

Firstly, any citizen from your loksabha constituency if he/she wishes, can get his/her mobile
and voter ID registered at your site by sending a SMS containing their voter ID and submitting
copy of voter ID at your office. Thereafter, any numerical short code sent by the registered
mobile to your public mobile will be displayed on your website along with the voter ID of that

The citizen will be able to change his/her opinion anytime. The last sent support or oppose
numerical short code from a registered mobile for an issue will appear on the website, thus
making the procedure immune to money-power, media power and muscle power.

(For example, see website, especially this link - -

If the citizens`opinions come along with voter ID, then other citizens can cross-verify that
the data containing the opinions is true of false. Citizens can randomly choose a sample from
the data, get the addresses of the voters from the Chief electoral officer website or other
sources and themselves verify whether the data having citizens` opinions is true or false. In
this way, the public can support any good work done by you in a transparent and verifiable
manner and oppose any bad work done by you.

Those citizen-voters, who do not have mobile, can give their opinions at your office.

To make such a public sms server will require only 3-4 days programming to be done by you or
get done by you. Because there is already an working example .and if
possible - team can give you a free short telephone guidance regarding this.

That is why, please give your reply in 2-3 days whether you can get such a public sms server
made on your site before the elections, so that we citizens can decide whether to vote for you
or your party or not. At the least, regarding this public sms server, in which the citizens`
opinions can come along with their voter ID, please give detailed info in your manifesto
regarding such a sms server to be made by you on your website. We hope that you will take full
benefit of this chance given to you to prove yourself and surely do this work given to you.

If you would like to do a website like, kindly express so in email to me and
also or in righttorecall against corruption facebook group
( or by phone calling rtr activists near you. You
can contact at for any advice.

please act, as election is around the corner.

i wish you all the best and you to win the election , if you are the best candidate for the

Thanking you,
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