Monday, 29 January 2018

Wedding Invitation from Little Stars School 10 Feb 2018

Dear friend  of Little Stars School and of the hostel girls of Shanti Niketan Balika Grih, 

I am very happy to inform you that my daughter Rishibha is going to marry Vivek Upadhyay.  Hostel girls are very exited for their sister Rishibha.  They are preparing  many dances and  songs  to perform  at Lady Sangeet on 8 of February .. Beautiful dresses  for  the marriage  are ready .  One  beautiful dress for marriage  donated by Grace and  her friends  from China.
Rishi  has  2 masters degrees; one in Linguistic  from B.H.U. and one  master in  English literature, this year she finished her bachelor of Education.
For the past three years she has been teaching 2 periods English at Little Stars School and to develop her experience. This year she is teaching English Literature in International Hindu School to class 7th to 9th..
Vivek needs one and half year  more to finish his medical  course in veterinary. Vivek's home is in Varanasi close to our school  that will  be easy for Rishi  to keep her  love  with all her younger sisters.  
We are very happy some friends, volunteers and supporters of the school are coming  from abroad to attend Rishi's wedding. That is making  our happiness double as big. 

I am very thankful  to my Pandey  family, friends and relatives who are giving me their great support  for Rishi's wedding. 

The wedding ceremony will take place coming 10th of February 2018.
Please find more information on attached invitation card. and  some pictures of the ring ceremony and hostel girls are attached for your fun. You are always most welcome to attend ceremony.

Always having the knowledge of your support means a lot to me and Rishi  and will make this special day unforgettable.

With many cordial regards,
With love and respect 


-- .

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