Saturday, 27 February 2016

Digital Notice Board!!!

Displaying the latest, up-to-date information is critical when it comes to schedules, timetables, room allocation plans or course plans for schools, high schools, universities, educational institutions or general information for company employees – the possibilities of a Digital Notice Board are Infinite!


“We have launched IDisplay - Digital Notice Board that is developed with an eye on the requirements of Hotels, Hospitals, School, Colleges, Offices, Reception Area”


Display various information in just easy steps:

·         Announcement of special events like Annual day, Employee Birthday and Employee of the Month.

·         Invitation, announcements and display of images, pictures and texts of various celebrations.

·         Meeting and Emergency Alerts and Holiday announcements.

·         Announcement of student’s/employee achievement rewards and Ranks




Eye-catching, dynamic and effective content to attract Teachers/Staffs/Employee/Customers


Interested! Let's have a quick call to discuss your requirements.


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