Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Please present a bill in parliament to immediately ban EVMs and bring back EVMs


You are MP of gurgaon, my constituency.

I am concerned about the murder of democracy in India through the use of EVMs which are banned in all developed countries. Even with a paper trail, these machines are not safe. Paper ballot is the cheapest and the best option. 

Please see a video demonstration that shows that rigging EVMs in untraceable way is easier that paper ballots at 

So, please immediately present bill in parliament to ban EVM and bring back ballot paper Or else will not vote for you / your party.

Please respond within 3 days and tell the time frame when you will present the bill in parliament, so that I can inform the same to my fellow citizens. When you do present the bill in parliament, also put the same on your website or website of your party and give the link.

Thanking you, 


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