Sunday, 15 September 2013

Re: as per phone conversation

Dear sowmya 

Did the AAP legal team responded?  

Please respond


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Subject: Re: as per phone conversation

Dear sowmya

It is been 55 days since I sent forwarded message.  For your opinion and AAP legal teams opinion. 

As I can remind you,  you told you are busy to look into any suggestion. And you required 30 days. 

I know you may still be busy.  But please try to look at the messages and give your personal as well as legal teams opinion on our concepts and demand from arvind. 

Vande mataram


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Subject: as per phone conversation

dear  sowmya 

link to mail  we sent to arvind

the law we discussed on phone 

you tube videos of the law and explanation for you to grasp the core quickly

please see evidence of me distributing pamplets and request you to do the same. it takes only 1/2 hour per week.

as you promised - i will wait for a month to get your opinion and legal teams opinion in 40 days. 

also note that this email is also publicly dispalyed in . i request you to ackowledge the reception of email as well. also cc your response and acknolwledgement to

vande matharam 

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