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Re: Resent Omkar Dabhadkar s letter demanding quick prompt response

Dear Vaibhav,

It has been more than one and half month since my first email - and - one month since my last email. I haven't heard anything from you. Please let me know exactly what is the issue here - so that I can help solving it.
Please understand that these are the issues of all young patriotic activists. Please answer all the questions and do let me know how I can help in this process.

Omkar Dabhadkar

On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 4:35 PM, Omkar Dabhadkar <> wrote:
Dear Vaibhav,

It has been 13 days since your reply. Any progress on above requests? Is there any reason why AAP apex is taking so much time in deciding about such crucial issues?

Also, about the suggestion with respect to Preferential Voting - Can you please clearly express your opinion - Is it a good idea or a bad one?
I can see that you believe that BJP too is bad. And that's perfectly fine. But does that mean AAP should not think about Preferential Voting at all? Do you deny the possibility of division of votes?
Please understand that, today people vote for BJP - NOT BECAUSE THEY LIKE BJP, but because they want Congress to keep out of power. Same is the case with Congress voters. I ASSURE YOU - all these voters, if given a chance of preferential voting, will either give AAP as first preference or second at the worst. This will benefit India both ways - it'll bring positive changes in election procedure as well as it'll help us win AAP.

Kindly let me know if I can help in convincing AAP seniors about both the suggestions/requests.

Please close this as soon as possible - we are running out of time.

Vande Mataram.

Omkar Dabhadkar

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 1:25 PM, Vyavastha Parivartan <> wrote:
Dear Omkar,

Thanks for your mail, I shall try to answer you pointwise.

1: We would like to tell you that we have setup an expert committees on every important issues  click here to see the details of the committees, It includes our policy on on "Decentralisation through Swaraj", these people are working hard to come up with initial draft of our policy, once they come up with the draft,we will put it in public domain for more input from awaken people like you. Then we can finalize our stand on any issue. We would be forwarding your very good observation/ideas/inputs to this team & the soul of your idea would be considered actively.

2: We agree that people are fed up with congress however do you really thing BJP is the solution for it, Imagine if Mr. Narendra Modi makes the government then how he is going to fight corruption, he has stalled appointment of Lokayukta in his state since last 9 years & now he has passed a lame-duck lokayukta who will be of no purpose.

We shall forward your idea to our one more team discussing Electoral Reforms to take a note of it.

We thank you again for sending very good observations & inputs, keep writings us & keep supporting.

Team AAP

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On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 5:15 PM, Omkar Dabhadkar <> wrote:
Dear Sir, without any articulated formalities and greetings and salutations, I will come straight to the point and save your time.

This letter is regarding 2 major concerns - and - my suggestions on those concerns.

1) You have promised us a corruption free governance and implementation of Swaraaj. To achieve this, you have proposed 'Complete decentralization of Power'. You want the people of villages to decide what infrastructure they need. They will convey it to the center through intermediate channels and that's how The Budget will be carved.
We all LOVE this idea.

My concern is about the implementation of this idea. How are we going to achieve this? We already have Sthaanik Swaraajya Sansthaas - but they have a lot of flaws. A few people tend to become dominating, they suppress other voices, establish strong contacts with MPs/MLAs and then they become the dominating forces in those villages/cities/constituencies.
After you win with a thumping majority (which I really wish you do - either BJP or AAP - I do not want Congress again!) and after you create Swaraaj - how to make sure that the voices of those who do not have any such contacts - The AAM AADMIs' voices - reach towards - 1) The Authorities and 2) Other AAM AADMIs?

You see - reaching the voice to authorities is less important than reaching the voice to other AAM AADMIs. If the later happens - the former automatically gets achieved. I can't see any idea/proposal by AAP to achieve this.

I came across a proposed Gazette Notification called "Janataa Ki Awaaz" which achieves this in a flawless way.
It's a simple 3 line proposal - goes like this -

• If any citizen voter wants, then by visiting Collector's office, he/she can put his Complaint/Suggestion/Demand etc on PM's website/CM's website/any other official portal for Rs 20 fee after verifying his/her identity. Collector will give the receipt about the same to the voter.
• If any citizen voter supports a particular Complaint/Suggestion/Demand etc, then by visiting Talati's (Lekhpal, Patwari etc) office, he can register his support (YES) over the Complaint/Suggestion/Demand etc on PM's website/CM's website/any other portal for Rs 3/- fee after verifying the identity. Collector will give the receipt about the same to the voter.
• Any citizen voter can change his YES/NO any day by visiting Talati's office and paying Rs 3 for the same.
{• The YES/NO count is not a binding on PM, CM etc.}

This system can be implemented on 3 levels - District, State and Nation. So problems/suggestions/demands related to a particular district will not clutter with those of State and similarly with those of Nation.

This is a very strong way to bring Participatory Democracy - Swaraaj - in India.

A brief analysis of this proposal is here - 

Please let me know your thoughts about this.

2) You are going to contest 2014 Parliament elections. Unfortunately, the existing election mechanism results in division of votes. As you very well know that today's India wants anything but Congress in Central power. I am very sure that you understand that AAP - unintentionally - is going to divide some % of BJP votes. YES - BJP/NDA is ALSO corrupt. They appear less corrupt because they got less chance to. But TODAY - they are much much better than Congress/UPA. Also, the rise of Narendra Modi ji has brought new ray of hope and so many youngsters are supporting BJP/NDA.

AAP is going to bring a lot of new voters. I can see many young voters enthusiastic about election and voting because of AAP. Also, AAP is, for sure going steal some Congress votes. But - sir - Modi ji is also attracting voters in a very similar fashion. You like it or not - this is a fact. And thus - division of votes is inevitable.

I, as an Indian, is very much worried about this. And so - I request you to request election commission to implement Preferential Voting System. This will give us voters a chance to give preferences of our choices - hence eliminating division of votes.

I am requesting the same to BJP activists too - on various platforms. We need anything but division of votes at this crucial election.

Kindly let me know your thoughts about this too.

Vande Mataram !

A worried Indian,
Omkar Dabhadkar

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