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Suggesion on Judicial reforms for speedy and just trails of sexual abuse cases and to allow Citizens` SMS order system from on websites of Courts

Justice J.S. Verma,
E-mail - justice.verma@n fax:
Sub: Orders to Chief Judge of India from a
common citizen of India
Respected Sir
1. Under the Preamble of Constitution, a citizen
of India is sovereign and empowered to send
orders to President, Prime Minister and Supreme
Court judge of India or any employee of the
sovereign on any matter in which the citizen
thinks that prompt due action needed to protect
the fundamental rights are not being taken. So
under Preamble of Constitution, I am doing my
duty as a citizen.
and sending you following orders
2. Please issue order to Sessions Court judge of
Delhi to move the case of recent rape-case,
which happened in a bus in New Delhi on 19-
dec-2012, to the fast court courts.
3. Please issue order to Sessions Court judge of
Delhi, to take narco-test of the convicts and
post full recording on YouTube after removing
names of the victims.
4. Please issue order to Sessions Court judge of
Delhi, that that fast track court should have only
one case so that that case is disposed speedily
5. Please also post the cell phone number
provided by Government to you on the website
of Supreme Court of India so that henceforth we
the people of India can send necessary orders to
you via SMS. The cell phone provided via
Government, and whose bill is paid by
Government is public property and so under RTI,
this phone number should be disclosed to
public. Also, please put the SMS orders received
from the citizens on website of Supreme Court
of India.
6. Proposed Transparent Complaint / Evidence
filing in Courts-
=============== ===============
(Info: eg: this could be filled by any rape victim,
from any district, the complaint / evidences
cannot suppressed, and within a day visible to
any citizen )
A. Orders for the District Collector
=============== ===========
The High Court hereby orders the District
Collector that : A woman voter or any citizen-
voter can submit a complaint or any affidavit in
District Collector Office with an affidavit for a
fee of Rs 20 per page and ask the District
Collector or his clerk to scan and put the
complete affidavit on the website of the High
B Orders to the Talati aka Patwari aka Village
=============== ===============
B1 The High Court orders every Talati (Patwari /
village officer) that : if a woman voter or ANY
citizen-voter comes with voter ID, and specifies
Yes-No on an PIL posted on the website of High
Court, then the Talati or his clerk will enter his
Yes-No on the website of High Court with his
voter-ID and give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee.
The Clerk will also allow citizen to change his
Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL
card holder.
B2 The High Court will order Talati to also allow
citizen-voter to cancel his YES/NO without any
charge, ANYDAY.
B3 The High court may order the collector
create a system of taking finger-print and
picture of the citizen-voter and putting it on the
B4 High Court may order the collector to enable
citizen-voters to register YES/NO via SMS for 5
C (Information To all Citizens)
=============== ========
This is not a referendum procedure. The Yes-No
count will not be a binding on the High court
judges etc.
7. Please suggest to the PM to print some
Gazette Notifications -
7.1 Jury trial – For quick, fair judgements.
=============== ===========
The trial of rape must be decided by Jury of 25
randomly chosen citizens, between 30 years and
55 years, of the district in which crime was
committed. The Jury will be formed by an officer
titled as District Jury Administrator who will be
appointed by High Court Chief judge and can be
recalled\replac ed by citizen-voters of that
(Procedure-draf t in chapter 21,
7.2 Narco Test in Public
To prove or disprove whether rape was
committed, narco tests on rape accused should
be conducted in public after Jury has seen
reasonable incriminating evidences.
1. All rape cases will be tried by Jury and Jury
only. The Jury will consists of 25 citizens
between 30 years and 55 years of age chosen at
random from the district, and at least 13 will be
2. If the accused himself wants or if 13 out of
25 Jurors deem necessary to have truth serum
test on the accused, then the investigating
officer will conduct truth serum test on the
3. If complainer wants, then and then only, then
the investigating officers will conduct truth
serum test on the complainer. The complainer
will not be asked to take truth serum test against
her will unless 13 out of 25 jurors demand
narco test.
Procedure-Draft - https:// /
note.php?note_id =40183839316850 1
7.3 Right to Recall Deputy-Commissi oner for
crimes against women :
=============== ===============
Every district must have a Deputy Police
Commissioner (or DySP) in-charge of crimes
against women and women in the district should
have right to recall that DyCP or DySP . Only an
anti-woman activist will oppose this proposal.
(Procedure-draf t in chapter 22,
7.4 . Right to Recall Lower Court, High Court
and Supreme Court judges in-charge of crimes
against women :
=============== ===============
Every district must have 3 judges in-charge of
crimes against women, and women of district
should have right to recall them. Same at High
Court and Supreme Court levels. (Procedure-draf
t in chapter 7, www.righttoreca
Thanking you,
Yours Truly,
Jay sharma

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